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Thread: PowerShell SnapIn for the Digipede Network

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    Default PowerShell SnapIn for the Digipede Network

    Are you using PowerShell? Would you like a command-line interface to the Digipede API?

    At Digipede we have been working on a full-featured PowerShell SnapIn for the Digipede Network. In the future, this will provide a full command-line interface to operate the Digipede Network.

    We have decided to release our interim work on this SnapIn as a preview and a sample along with full source code.

    What makes it a preview and a sample?
    • It is a preview because, while not being complete, it is functional and can be used to query and control a running Digipede Network. The current version allows the querying of pools, templates, jobs, external resources, as well as job submission and control.

    • It is a sample because, being built on top of the Digipede Framework SDK, the source code provides a good examples of using the Digipede.Api.Management namespace. Note that once the SnapIn becomes incorporated in the shipping product, we will continue to provide this source code as a sample.

    If you are interested in PowerShell, the Digipede API, or a command-line interface to the Digipede Network, please take the time to try out the preview. We would love to get feedback from you on what else it needs, any problems you find, even source code for other cmdlets (i.e., commands)!

    Note: this preview requires the Digipede Framework SDK v2.0.

    Update: I blogged more about this here.

    For more information on Windows PowerShell, we recommend the Microsoft PowerShell home page and the PowerShell Team Blog

    Note: While this version was written for PowerShell 1.0, we have confirmed its compatibility with the PowerShell 2.0 November 2007 CTP.

    Note: This sample is for the Digipede Network v2.0. See below for samples for subsequent versions.
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    Default Unable to install SnapIn

    I have already installed Framework SDK 2.1, but when I attempt to install the snapin from C:\DNToolsSample I receive the following:

    Cannot find an installation of the Digipede Framework SDK.
    "Installation was not completed. See previous messages for more information."
    Press any key to continue . . .

    I then extracted the zip file contents into C:\Program Files\Digipede\Tools\DNToolsSample and tried the installation from C:\Program Files\Digipede\Tools\DNToolsSample. I receive the following:

    Cannot find bin\release\dntools.dll to install!
    "Installation was not completed. See previous messages for more information."
    Press any key to continue . . .

    I have confirmed that bin\release\dntools.dll does exist under C:\Program Files\Digipede\Tools\DNToolsSample.

    Are there are tricks to installing this? The documentation is not helpful.

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    My apologies that this didn't work as advertised. We intended to move this sample into our SDK to ease the installation, but that got dropped from the 2.1 list.

    My guess is that there is a binding dependency that is causing the error here. I have attached a new version of the sample that is compiled against v2.1 of the Digipede Framework SDK. That should do the trick.

    It should not matter where you unzip the archive to -- at least it shouldn't matter this time around.

    This version works correctly here, please let us know if you have any problems with it.
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    No troubles installing this version.


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    Here is a sample for version 2.2 of the Digipede Network. It is identical to the previous version, but links to the correct library.
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