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    One of the most anticipated features in Digipede Network 2.1 is the opening of the Pool / Agent API.

    For the first time, you can programmatically manipulate your pools and agents: you can create pools, delete pools, move agents on and off of pools. You can also modify the agents themselves: enable or disable them, enable or disable the licenses, and change any of their settings: processing schedule, bandwidth restrictions, even their Agent Base Priority.

    When you add in the ability to access our API through PowerShell, you're starting to see some incredible ability to administer your grid automatically.

    I've created a very simple sample to demonstrate a little bit of the pool API -- it lists pools and agents, lets you create pools, delete pools, add agents to or remove them from pools, or rename pools (double click on the pool name).

    It's not production code, nor is it the tool you want to be using to administer your Digipede Network. But it does show a bunch of the new classes and methods, and it should give you a good idea of what's possible with this extension to our API.
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    I am attempting to open the solution in Visual Studio 2005 (Version 8.0.50727.762) and receive the following error:

    "The selected file is a solution file, but was created by a newer version of this application and cannot be opened."

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    Also, do you have any samples that manage the pools through PowerShell? The only cmd-let I see that pertains to pools is Get-DNPool. We want the ability to dynamically create new pools for each job submitted and want to use PowerShell to accomplish this.

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    Yes, that is a VS 2008 project. It should be simple to recreate it in VS 2005 by creating a new Windows Forms project and add those files.

    We don't have cmdlets written that exercise our whole Pool API. However, the PowerShell projects are open source. If you would be interested, it should be fairly easy to add the functionality from the PoolAPI Sample to new cmdlets.
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