We've just released Digipede Network version 2.1, so I thought I'd post a special thread for the new features in the Framework SDK.

First, we've significantly revamped, improved, and extended the concurrency options in the JobTemplate ApplicationControl. The old property (Concurrency) has been renamed TaskConcurrency, and it has the following options: OneInstanceOnly, TasksPerAgent, TasksPerCore, and CoresPerTask. Along with the ConcurrencyMultiplier (which is generally 1) and the MaxConcurrentTasks property, this field determines how many tasks an agent can run from a single job.

The Digipede Agent has been significantly enhanced to allow it to run tasks from different jobs simultaneously. The API has new additions that permit you to indicate which job templates are compatible for simultaneous execution with which other job templates. This information is in the JobTemplate.ApplicationControl.JobConcurrency property. Its values are None (indicating that jobs from this JobTemplate cannot run concurrently with other jobs), Full (they can run concurrently with any jobs), NeverSameJobTemplate (they can run concurrently with other jobs, but not other jobs from this template), or OnlySameJobTemplate (they can only run concurrently with other jobs from this job template).

Note that the default for JobConcurrency is None -- you do need to refactor your code in order to have the agent execute tasks from multiple jobs concurrently.

Another major addition is to the Management namespace: you now have complete control over your Digipede Pools and Agents. You can create, delete, and modify pools (adding/removing agents). You can also change the settings on your agents (enable/disable them, change their processing schedule, avaibility, etc). There's a sample that exposes a bunch of this functionality here.

Finally, a long-requested feature from many users: you now have the ability to submit a job with one task and tell the Digipede Network to "run this task on each agent." Check out the JobTemplate.TaskReplication property for more information.