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    Default IronPython Worker Sample

    This sample includes C# and IronPython source code to demonstrate using IronPython on the Digipede Network. Users of this sample should already have an understanding of the Digipede Network as well as the Worker pattern as described in the Developer’s Guide included in the Digipede Network Framework SDK.

    The primary goal of this sample is to demonstrate the standard Digipede Worker pattern using native IronPython objects. In addition, this sample provides
    • an example of using a Digipede Executive to host dynamic languages supported by the Microsoft Dynamic Language Runtime (DLR);
    • an example of a re-usable shim that de-couples user code (in this case, the from any dependency on the Digipede Network.

    At the time of this writing, the DLR is a Community Technology Preview (CTP) and as such may undergo major changes by the time of its ultimate release.

    Note: this sample is built against version 2.2 of the Digipede Network. While it can be easily modified to build against 2.1; however, if you do that, Agent-side Python errors will not flow back into the Server / master application.
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