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Grid Computing for Windows

The Digipede Network™ is a distributed computing solution that delivers dramatically improved performance for real-world business applications. Built entirely on the Microsoft .NET platform, it is radically easier to buy, learn, install and use than other grid computing solutions.

A Distributed Computing Solution for Partners.

The Digipede Network has three unique attributes that make it the first distributed computing environment that can realistically reach end-customers through a variety of partners.

Before Digipede, the market for distributed computing software was restricted to a few very large corporations and research institutions that needed to solve the most compute-intensive problems. There were limited opportunities for most ISVs and system builders to participate in that market. The market was restricted by three crucial problems with previous technologies because they were:

But today, the Digipede Network eliminates each of those problems and allows ordinary corporate IT customers and ISVs the opportunity to increase application performance dramatically.

Too Complicated? Problem Solved.

The Digipede Network can be installed and used by regular IT department systems administrators. Managing the software platform doesn't have to be "rocket science," even if your application is. Partners can be confident in a smooth implementation without expensive consultants.

Too Expensive? Problem Solved.

The Digipede Network is priced to be competitive with other offerings in large installations - but the initial entry point is an order of magnitude less expensive that previous approaches. Ten or twenty mainstream computers can work together in a grid for just a fraction of the cost of previous technologies.

Not Available on Windows? Problem Solved.

Previous distributed computing environments have simply ignored Windows. With the Digipede Network, the technology is finally available for typical IT environments where most of the hardware runs Windows.